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    CS6 - importing mpeg files captured from HDV


      I have used adobe PrP CS6 to capture HDV video from a canon HV20.  When I try to import the file to my project or open the file in the source display, I get the message "We were unable to open the file on disk"


      The file seems fine, it plays with other players such as VLC, and I have opened files captured previously in the same way.  Any ideas?  Needless to say, I am unable to continue work on my project.


      I tried a separate project that was setup just for HDV (my main project uses AVCHD and HDV sources).  But I get the same error.  I also tried capturing just a short clip, with the same error resulting.


      The mpeg file is 11+ GB in size, but I can open other files that are that large.  And I could not open a smaller just captured file, either.


      Any thoughts?