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    Cleaning up after a project




      I have finished a couple of projects now in indesign CS6,  and I have left behind quite a mess in my folders. I have unused subfolders,  unused images and text files.  I would like to have things a bit more structured and clean.  I'm looking for a way to Automatically clean and consolidate my structure. 


      For example,  push the big magic button,  and a new folder is created,  with subfolders named automatically by page number,  all the pages photos, images and texts gets copied in to their rightfull folder, of course everything gets re- linked to the new destination in indesign. Now the old folder with all the clutter can be deleted. 


      Can this be done?



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          Your best option is to Package your file with all fonts and images (via 'File - Package'). Then all used fonts and images will be on one folder. You could then effectively trash all other folders, getting rid of your mess. Besides you, likely only InDesign knows what you you used, so this is the way to do it. Here is how to Package in InDesign CS6:



          I hope this helps.


          David of



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