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    Problem with SOAP dateTime from ASP.NET 1.1

      I have a Flex 2 App that I have ported into an AIR application. The application pulls data from an ASP.NET 1.1 application via a SOAP WebService call.

      The Date value of the resulting ObjectProxy does not correspond to the DateTime value from the ASP.NET application. And it's not off by any understandable amount.

      The value in the SOAP Response from the ASP.NET app has the following value for a variable startDate:


      The corresponding startDate variable on the ObjectProxy object is: 11/6/2007 17:24:51

      date 6
      dateUTC 7
      day 2
      dayUTC 3
      fullYear 2007 [0x7d7]
      fullYearUTC 2007 [0x7d7]
      hours 17 [0x11]
      hoursUTC 0
      milliseconds 0
      millisecondsUTC 0
      minutes 24 [0x18]
      minutesUTC 24 [0x18]
      month 10 [0xa]
      monthUTC 10 [0xa]
      seconds 51 [0x33]
      secondsUTC 51 [0x33]
      time 1194395091000 [0x116177ec038]
      timezoneOffset 420 [0x1a4]

      Any ideas? It's working fine as a Flex app build from Flex Builder 2. I'm using Cairngorm but this seems lower-level than that.

      And it should also be noted that the AIR App and the ASP.NET app are running on the same box.

      (I just realized that this may belong in the SDK forum... I'll put my next question over there.)