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    Edge Animate Form Symbols

    Sean Dev

      I've put together a small symbols library for creating forms with Adobe Edge Animate.

      If anyone is curious, please take a look and let me know what you think.

      I'ts currently styled with theme similar to default Adobe Edge Animate color scheme.


      To use it, you just drag and drop the symbols onto your page.

      Set the Title property of the symbol to assign the field a name/id.


      For radio buttons, the title should be : name-value.


      i.e. "utype-std" in my demo will use the field name of "utype" and the value of "std" if that option is selected.


      Finally, to change the target, the following  jQuery code should be put in your compositionReady function :



      That's it!  It's pretty painless.


      I want to add a disclaimer to this : It was put together in a fairly short timeframe (less than a day).  There are probably things that could be done better.




      Thanks in advance!