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    LocalConnection fails after closing FLA


      Hi all,

      I have two SWF files (AS2, FP8) that communicate via LocalConnection (the connection goes two ways).

      I got this all working fine both in browser and when just testing both swfs together locally then I closed the FLA files, renamed them and reopened them. I left my test HTML file open in Firefox, made some text amends in one FLA and republished both.

      The LocalConnection no longer works either in a browser or when both SWFs are published together. Weirdly if I refresh the test page I left open it picks up my text changes and still communicates but if load the same HTML in another browser tab the connection doesn't work.


      Is there some weird security settings that I'm triggering here somehow?


      I have tried renaming the files back to what they were, reverting my text amends and republishing but it seems that I killed mu files simply by closing and reopening them.


      All these files are in the same folder together on my desktop.


      Thanks in advance for any sugestions at all.