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    iMac Crashes when I render - also very slow

    MarkHev Level 1

      Having used CS5 for some time on a 24 inch 2008 iMac, I recently upgraded to CS6 when I purchased a very "new" used iMac. The iMac in question was from a work colleague who purchased it for one project then decided to buy a Macbook instead. He had it for under 5 months.


      The spec is as follows: http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/imac/specs/imac-core-i5-2.7-27-inch-aluminum-mid-201 1-thunderbolt-specs.html:// it came with 12GB RAM (bought from an Apple approved dealer)


      I am loading 1080p files from four Sony NX5s and either nesting them or where required (two filming dates merged) four or more video tracks and around three our four audio tracks.


      After a while the footage becomes too choppy to watch at full res, and I usually drop to 1/2 then 1/4 resolution. WIth around two or three minutes of footage on the time line the video freezes and I need to render.


      Herein lies the big problem: When I render such footage the bar tracks until 99% and then the machine powers down. Although I have autosave set to every 2 minutes and I manually save the project before I render, when the system powers back up the project will revert to the start point (footage disappears from the import folders and nothing appears in the time line) - Ive checked the scratch discs and the latest version always shows as the prevous save.


      This is becoming frustrating and yesterday I decided to export the footage without rendering and again it crashed with three minutes of footage with two video and two audio tracks.


      Is there a fix for this? Is my hardware insufficient and should I go to a 32gb RAM on a Mac Pro? 


      Any advice gladly received!