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    Adobe Reader not working after update to version XI


      I have had Adbobe Reader installed on my PC for ages and have been using this to view my PDF files without any issues. However, Adobe Reader updated automatically to version XI a few days ago. Since then, I have been completely unable to open Adobe Reader at all. The screen does not load up fully with only the top menu bar visible and the remainder a blank grey screen with all menu options inactive or greyed out, and sometimes crashes and closes automatically after a few seconds. I am unable to view any PDF file, even those which I previous viewed with no issues. I have tried running the Adober Cleaner tool but this has not helped. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe Reader numerous times with no success. I have also tried reinstalling previous versions of Adober Reader but have idential issues with these too. I have tried checking system compatability using the troubleshooter tool but this appears to be fine, and have also tried disactivating my AntiVirus/firewall software (Norton 360). I am running a Windows 7 operating system in English (UK). Any help gratefully received as Adobe will not offer telephone assistance as this is freeware! Thanks in advance.

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          Glenn Hurse

          You may have given up by now..  I just hope this advice helps some other user..


          Have encountered this isssue several times..     


          several points I will note: of the machines I have worked on to date: only 1 did not have malware, all thus far have been 64bit Win7 and it seems after update to Reader 11.03..

          but each so far I have:

          - Checked for and removed any malware and or strange BHO's and Toolbars

          - cleared all temp files including temporary internet

          - removed Adobe reader and ANY OTHER PDF READER and reinstalled Adobe reader

          - Checked that PDF's are associating with Adobe reader (sounds silly )

          - Started the PC in Safe Mode - check reader works

                                                       - Disabled Protected Mode in preferences: then disabled antivirus, along with most startup services and applications

                                                       - restarted in normal mode - Check PDF opens normally: 100% of time for me it worked

                                                       - re-enabled the anti-virus - restarted PC and rechecked

                                                       - re-enable services and applications by group - restart and retest


          So far that is all that I have needed to do.


          All the best


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