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    ATI for Photoshop and NVIDIA for AE and Premiere?



      (first, excuce me for my english, I'll do my best)

      I've been doing quite a lot of research for this and I know that is something already treated in many occasions, but I've found a lot of contradictory messages.


      Some people say that for Photoshop is more important the Opengl and that in that case is better an ATI graphic card... BUT, in After effects and premiere CUDA is more important, and in that case, I should go for a NVIDIA.

      Some others say that for CS6... gor for ATI...


      The fact is that I'm buying a new PC (windows, this is important also) and I'm getting myself into a mess. I primary work with Photoshop and After Effects. So... I'm between the ATI 7970 and the NVIDIA GTX 670/680.


      Thanks a lot!