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    How to change reference point to center?

    Pooja_IDDev Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have page item and angle through which i want to move. I want a page item to be moved from center.


      So how do change it from topLeft to center?


      Thanks In advance,


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          -hans- Level 4



          two choices (or more ;-) )

          1. app.activeWindow.transformReferencePoint = AnchorPoint.CENTER_ANCHOR//which is a genereal setting ...

          2. //use transform:

          var currGraphic = app.selection[0];

          var theRotateMatrix = app.transformationMatrices.add({counterclockwiseRotationAngle:-90});

          currGraphic.transform(CoordinateSpaces.INNER_COORDINATES,  AnchorPoint.centerAnchor, theRotateMatrix);