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    Mental Block on using templates


      Greetings all! I'm new to BC so please forgive my use of improper terms and my ignorance in general


      I'm trying to understand the work flow, and apparently I'm thinking about this all wrong and I need some help in understanding it. I'd like to start a new site that is nothing more than an online store. I start BC and pick an e-commerce shopping template and it creates it all, then, my intention would be to edit all the products and edit all the graphics. However, when I go to the Pages area and click to edit the pages, instead of WYSIWYG, I get the little icon for a graphic or missing graphic. So there's nothing for me to visually see, or click on to replace with my own graphic.

      I'm assuming that I'm trying to edit things in the wrong place and I need to be editing the core template somewhere else, but I don't know where that would be and I can't seem to locate it.


      Any help with that would be appreciated


      Am I okay in using that method, just using the BC template for the whole thing, or so I really need to create something in Muse, bring that in, and then drag and drop modules or widgets into that Muse site? I'd really like to use BC for the whole thing if possible.


      It's a very basic, simple online store, so what's available is fine, except for the graphics, which I'd like to modify

      Thanks for your time, I appreciate the help!