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    Embedding google maps

    Xavi Colomer Level 1
      Hello all!

      There's any way to embed google maps in a flex app??

      Thanks for read
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          I've tried that, because yahoo maps doesn't work as it was supose to, so the only way i found to embed google maps into flex was to use a component called iframe, uscan find it here http://flexbox.mrinalwadhwa.com/
          with that you can embed but to work with it you must use external interface wich make it a little more difficult.
          Let me know if you find another way.
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            I have successfully emulated google maps in flex. Even using a hdividedbox to resize both the flex and the google maps. It requires alot of javascript etc. I plan to make a tutorial out of it but that will take time.

            but the main idea behind it is laying the google maps div over the flex app. This way you can still move the google maps around.

            If you use a hdividedbox like i have, when you detect a resize, use externalinterface to tell javascript to resize the google maps div.