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    Flex SDK and AIR runtime version in mobile


      Hi, guys.


      I'm trying to make my first Flex mobile app.


      I'm a little confused about the relationship between Flex SDK and AIR  runtime versions for mobile development.


      In the "Developing Mobile Applications with ADOBE FLEX 4.6 and ADOBE FLASH BUILDER 4.6" pdf document, it says:

      "AIR requirements

      Flex mobile projects and ActionScript mobile projects require AIR 2.6 or a higher version. You can run mobile projects on physical devices that support AIR 2.6 or a higher version of AIR.

      You can install AIR 2.6 or a higher version only on supported Android devices that run Android 2.2 or a higher version. For the complete list of supported Android devices, see Certified Devices. Also, review the minimum system requirements to run Adobe AIR on Android devices at Mobile System Requirements.

      Note: If you do not have a device that supports AIR 2.6 or a higher version of AIR, you can use Flash Builder to launch and debug mobile applications on the desktop."


      So, I go and check the Certified devices in http://www.adobe.com/devnet-apps/flashruntimes/certified-devices.html and find that the minimun FLASH PLAYER version accepted by ALL devices is FP 10.1


      1. Does this mean that if I want to release an app to target ALL mobile devices, then I can only use Flex 4.5?

      2. Do support for Flash Player mean the same than support for Adobe AIR? Or the application will prompt the user to install whatever version of the AIR runtime and all of them would be supported by the device, even in the FLASH PLAYER support is for a lesser version?