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    How to Automatically Fill in one Field with the Drop down selection from another field?

    Paul Kirby, Enpuricon

      I am trying to create a PDF Fillable form from the paper form we have been using for years.  I have a long term construction project with a crew leader managing 20 + men.  He has to complete by hand a "Daily Time Sheet" which is basically a table of columns and rows with various details he has to fill in by hand. 


      There are basically 6 columns.


      I have figured out a drop down list for the Employee name - but our accounting uses a Employee ID code to enter all the hours.  It would VERY helpful to have Column One on my Form (the Employee ID #) to populate on its own once the Crew Leader selects that employee's name.  Then he would just tab over to the next column where there is another drop down for classification of worker, then the start time and stop time would be text that he writes in, and then the last column would calculate the total hours worked that day by that employye (haven't tried to tackle this function yet!). 


      How can I populate that first column with data based on what is selected in the first column?


      Thanks for helping this no Adobe or computer expert!!  Here is a link to the form.  I couldn't figure out how to take a pic of it and insert it here..