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    whats with my site? loading at home on 3 browsers, but not elsewhere.


      I am developing my first site using edge animate. My new page is at www.kzamlongisland.com/kzam_home_page_edge.html.   I am developing at my home and have three tests going: my Ipad with Safari- SUCCESS, 2 laptops with boht IE9 and Chrome: SUCCESS. At my job/office i have Chrome, and the page does not load. Actually according to the Google console, all "gets" are successful and all the individual elements are loaded, but the screen is plain white. Really strange is that if I hoever around the screen and do some "right-clicking" like to view source, I see my images in bits and pieces like they are emerging from behind a white screen. But never fully viewed and certainly no animation. I have tried at two other computers outside of home but no exactly the same scenario. My work computers are all Windows XP, which I don't believe should have anything to do with it and using Chrome.  I have tried both at my job site and a friends, and all same scenario. Has anyone experienced this and any thoughts?