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    Mail merge functionality


      Hi I am trying to import an Excel spreadsheet with highlighted columns I have assigned into a working PDF document with the fields assigned so that it pulls similar to a mail merge in Microsoft Word.

      Your copy and paste ability on the FormCentral community form doesn't work? You might want to fix that as well. Back to my issue:

      Here is the PDF with the fields I am using as an example:






      Can't find the FDF option under the 'Save As', tried XML, tried .TXT file save as, CSV, etc. Doesn't import correctly with TXT file as Adobe suggests. Please advise as to how to fix this issue.:


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          Drewy62 Adobe Employee

          I don't understand what you are trying to accomplish. You say you are trying to import data from Excel, but I am not sure if you mean into Formscentral or Acrobat. Additionally you say you've can't find the FDF option under the Save As menu. This sounds like you are trying to accomplish an Acrobat Forms workflow. Can you please try to clarify what you are trying to do and I'll see if I can help you out.


          Andrew Yarborough

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            tech2girl Level 1

            How does one go about saving as an FDF file that  Adobe suggests? I want to pull the info from the table fields I have created in Excel to show up or populate in the PDF form pretty much like a mail merge you can do with Microsoft. It pulls part of the fields for a TXT file if I save it as that, but, does only one of the people I have have assigned and not the others. For example, pulls Mary (FIRST_NAME table), but, doesn't pull LAST_NAME for my example if you reference the second image I have included in this inquiry. So it should pull 'Clark' for LAST_NAME, but doesn't. Also, only one page it populates using the import function for a .TXT file. I have three rows of content and only pulls the middle 'dummy' Mary information and it's not complete even though I assigned the text fields to be parallel. So, if the TXT functionality doesn't work, where or how do I go about saving as a FDF file since I don't have this option in EXCEL, but, that's what Adobe is "screaming" for. I don't need a workflow, just want to pull the fields from the table names I have setup in Excel.

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              tech2girl Level 1


              These are my options for importing spreadsheets, not able to use XML or TXT, or TXT is incomplete with it's import process. The other options, no option in Excel to save as FDF, XFDF, XFD.

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                tech2girl Level 1

                This information also was close but doesn't work: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5041517 shows up blank when I attempt to do this how-to.