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    Are there customized reports based upon respondents' answers?


      Hello there,


      I'm new to building forms so...please and thank you, in advance.


      I've created a survey that is 10 questions. Once submitted, I need for the survey to generate a report that will show limited information to the respondent .


      Let's pretend the survey is about customized fragrances. I'd like to ask a series of questions that will give me information about scents the customer may like. Once the customer has completed the survey, I'd like for a page (or report) to say "Your fragrance will consist of the following blends..." this page should list three or four items, that are determined by me but based on the respondent's answer. So, if respondent answers a question and selects that they like the smell of rain, can my survey be "smart" enough to produce a report that says, "You like rain, therefore we suggest XYZ Scent"?


      Does a feature like this exist on Adobe?


      I hope this made sense...please advise!


      all best.