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    Viewing Kindle files in Amazon Kindle Previewer produced by Kindle Plugin for ID


      I'm trying to help my girlfriend get a simple, short (12 pages) children's book published on Amazon as a Kindle ebook for sale, and I have it laid out in book format (all pages in one file) in ID CS5.5. I downloaded the Amazon Kindle Plugin for Adobe InDesign, as well as the Amazon Kindle Previewer. After finally figuring out how to format the book using the plugin and seeing it the way we want in the Kindle Previewer, I'm noticing that the page numbering in the previewer says it's 77 pages, even though the actual book is only 12. I also read that the Amazon Kindle Previewer is meant to be used in conjunction with KindleGen, a command line tool that is the only tool officially supported by Amazon to convert files to Kindle format.  If that's the case, what purpose does the Kindle Plugin for InDesign serve? The documentation I have for the plugin is "Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines for Kindle Plugin for Adobe InDesign... How to create books for the Kindle platform from Adobe InDesign". So I'm a bit confused here.


      I guess my question is, once the ID file is converted to MOBI, how is it previewed to test for formatting on the various Kindle platforms?


      Or am I headed in the wrong direction trying to use ID for laying out an ebook for Kindle format? I'm totally new to this and would appreciate some input from those who have experience creating Kindle ebooks for Amazon.