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    can't log on to adobe photoshop or download flashplayer.


      i have been told by DELL that i already have flashplayer but on several things i wanted to look at, the site tells me i have to download the latest flashplayer. i was then told that google chrome already has flashplayer on it so DELL support changed my browser to that and i am still having problems with things saying i need to download flashplayer. when i try to do it myself, there is just a blank screen on the adobe site. also, i have adobe photoshop 10 and premier 10 but when i try to sign up for an adobe account, it tells me that it is not available right now and to try again later. i have tried now for 2 days to get flashplayer and a photoshop sign in but neither one will work. help!! i have windows 8(brand new) and i think i still have chrome. what is going on?