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    Can you use multiple FLVs?

    ScottE Level 1

      I want to use multiple FLVs using Flash 8. The problem I've seen is when I import a 2nd FLV the attributes of the first FLV I imported change. For example, I have a skin on the first one but not the 2nd one. When I import the 2nd one the first FLV disappears. I tried importing it again, first renaming FLVPlayback to FLVPlayback2. The skin is now gone and I get the following error message when I test the movie:

      **Warning** The linkage identifier 'FLVPlayback' was already assigned to the symbol 'FLVPlayback', and cannot be assigned to the symbol 'FLVPlayback2', since linkage identifiers must be unique.

      I am progressively downloading the FLVs from my web server.

      Thanks for any help,
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          ScottE Level 1
          I'm going to answer my own question so as to hopefully help anyone that may encounter the problems I was having.

          I imported the flv file after encoding it (make sure you note where Flash is going to place the new flv file after it encodes it).

          Note when you import the flv file Flash places the FLVPlayback object into your library. To add another FLV or as many as you want you simply drag the FLVPlayback object from the library onto the stage. Then set up your parameters in the Properties. Make sure you set up the contentPath in the Parameters.

          I chose to progressively download the file from my web server. If you are doing the same simply put the following in the contentPath substituting your real domain URL and your real flv file name:

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            Robert Reinhardt Level 2
            You can also use one instance of the FLVPlayback component to play multiple FLV files in succession. The easiest way to do this is to create an array in ActionScript, containing the URLs to your FLV files. Create a listener for the "complete" event for the component, and when that is fired, play the next element in the array.
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              When I do this there is a one second pause between videos; even though I am testing locvally and even if the videos have already played once before (i.e. I hoped they might be cached).

              Any idea why or how to eliminate this?