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    Sharpening part of an image

    Joe Busuttil

      Can you plse provide an easy stepbystep method for sharpening only a part of an image not the whole picture with Photoshop CS5?


      I am not young and therefore a slow learner, so here's expressing in advance my gratitude for any help you can give me.

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          Pattie F Employee Moderator

          Tthis is a forum for ps.com and revel.  I will move your question so it can be addressed by photoshop people-



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            Joe Busuttil Level 1

            Many thks for your reply to my problem about selective sharpening in photoshop CS5.


            I have just downloaded the tutorial by Lesa Snider to which you directed me.


            If I may ask for more help:     What really is a mask?  Same as a selection?


                                                             I am told that a mask is non-destructive.  What means this?


                                                            How can I tell if the photo I want to work on is made up of a

                                                            single layer or more?


                                                            If  I mask part of the image, how to create a layer for the

                                                           masked section of the image only, that is, NOT for the

                                                            whole picture?                                                                               

            How to create an adjustment layer?


                                                           What is the difference between an adjustment layer and

                                                            a normal layer?


            Many thks again from a slow learner!