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    My photos edited in Photoshop or distorted after editing in iPhoto



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          Abhijit Kr. Adobe Employee



          I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Could you let me know what problem you are facing with Adobe Softwares..



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            julenedolewaphotography Level 1

            I want the opportunity to speak with someone in a timely manner.  I've used CS3, click on photo in iPhoto, double click on image that takes me to photoshop.  To try - I dragged and dropped two photos from iPhoto to photoshop.  Photoshopped the images, however, both images became distorted.  Although I defined the crop size, PS cropped one of the images taken from an iPhone to iPhoto to PS, posted on Facebook.  It wasn't the crop I wanted.  I want to spend time and set all up properly with someone.

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              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

              Renaming discussion and moving it to the Photoshop General Discussion forum.


              Julenedolewaphotography the users in this forum may have some suggestions on how to resolve your current difficulties.


              As a start you may want adjust the editing settings in iPhoto so that when you choose to edit a photo it is opened in Photoshop.

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                John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I can't necessarily speak to your experience with Adobe Technical Suport, but you may consider anyway that the tech support function exists generally to assist users with issues of products not functioning as designed. The help you are seeking is more related to how you might use Photoshop to achieve a desired result. While there may be some tech support people who will happily guide you, user instruction in the absence of malfunction isn't really the essence of their job.


                However, you can get some very good help of that kind here, provided your questions are specific and objective. "It wasn't the crop I wanted" won't do it. You'll have to describe what you wanted, how you attempted to get it, and the ways in which the results differ from what you expected.

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                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                  Hate to say it, but your product is 3 major versions out of date.  Even if you did manage to talk to someone at Adobe they wouldn't help you with Photoshop CS3.


                  John is exactly right - this is a good place to get the kind of help you're looking for.


                  Beyond the advice he's given, it might also be a good idea to attach some images showing what you got.  Pictures and/or screenshots often go a long way toward expressing what's wrong, and make it easy to have a common context in discussing what you hope to see instead.



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                    Curt Y Level 7

                    Also, iPhoto puts the images in hidden packets, so you have to be careful you are not working with the thumbnail rather than the image.

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                      Level 5

                      Regarding Adobe customer service and tech support, Adobe only supports the current version of Photoshop, which is CS6.


                      These forums are user to user forums.  We're all users here.


                      That being said, as an avid Mac user since 1984, I can categorically assure you that Apple's iPhoto does not play nice with Adobe applications.


                      Curt's remark about iPhoto hiding your actual images in "libraries" is right on target.  If you can see the file icon without opening the application package (please refer to Apple's documentation for instructions of how to Open a Package by Control-clicking [or right-clicking with a two-button mouse] on the application package icon in the Finder) you are not looking at your original or full-resolution file.  You're just looking at the low-resolution JPEG preview embedded in the file for display purposes.  Attempting to edit or manipulate that image in Photoshop would be futile.


                      Beside the suggestion to upgrade Photoshop, I can only offer you my personal opinion that, from the point of view of an Adobe Photoshop user and Macintosh fan, iPhoto is an unmitigated piece of cr@p, plain and simple.

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                        Level 5

                        IMPORTANT CAVEAT: Do not open an application package and mess with its contents unless you know exactly what you're doing.

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                          julenedolewaphotography Level 1

                          I realize that thank you.  I've been using CS6.  No, I don't edit in iPhoto.

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                            Level 5

                            julenedolewaphotography wrote:


                            …I don't edit in iPhoto.


                            My point was (and remains) that you should never use iPhoto for anything—not even for importing, viewing or cataloging images.


                            Once iPhoto touches your image files, even if just to import them or copy them onto your machine, the original image files disappear into the entrails of the iPhoto "library"-like package where you cannot readily access them.  If you have copied, imported or otherwise saved them with or through iPhoto, ans you then take "them" to Photoshop or any other application, you are only working with the low-resolution preview thumbnail.


                            Garbage in = garbage out.

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                              Level 5

                              Obviously, iPhoto is useful for the non-pro, occasional shooter who will not ever use any other graphics editing program.

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                                Noel Carboni Level 8

                                You say you use iPhoto as part of the process of opening photos then you say you don't Edit in iPhoto.  It's pretty clear from station_two's responses you want to distance yourself from iPhoto.


                                Maybe a "thanks for your advice" to station_two might be in order?