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    When to use book w/ multiple documents instead of document w/ multiple pages?


      I'm new to InDesign and plan to create a series of nonfiction books for ePUB. I was wondering when or why one should setup the file as a book w/ multiple documents vs. a document w/ multiple pages. What are the advantages/disadvantages? I have mine setup as a book w/ multiple documents right now based on the different subtopics of the book, but the book will not be super long. Just trying to figure out if I should have set it up differently before I get too much further into it. The main issue I'm finding with the book setup is syncing character/paragraph/object styles between documents. It doesn't seem as instantaneous because you have to manually sync each time you change a style on one document. Maybe there's a good reason to go with the book setup that would make this inconvenience "worth it", but I just don't know. Appreciate the help! (I'm using InDesign CS5.5)