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    Problem in dynamic dropdown menu

    AScracker Level 1
      i making the dropdown menu in flash... and i placed the dropdown menu in html file... due to the dymaic it occupy soo many spaces in html file
      html file contain some image... and my menu should come over the picture...
      is there any possible way to to make the menu over the image...

      thanks and regards
      Senthil Kumar......
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          Venian Level 2
          I ain't any master, but here's a way i think it will work. Hope will work :D

          Make the flash movie and when you publish it go into the publish menu (ctrl+shift+F12) and choose, over at the html tab, at window mode: transparent windowless. Then, in html put the flash movie in a layer above the picture you want the flash to expand over.

          I don;t know how to make layer in html cuz i never needed them. But I know is not hard. Look up a tutorial or a forum.

          Hope it will work. Good luck!