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    Chapter not starting from beginning


      I have a blu-ray project with a menu & 5 different chapters. In preview, everything works fine. When I go to burn the blu-ray disc, when clicked on, my first chapter starts 18 seconds into the edit when it should start from the beginning. All other chapters start from the beginning making this a very strange thing.


      I'm working with h.264 footage transcoded in Media Encoder to .m4v format and then imported into Encore cs6.


      What I've tried:


      1. Burned multiple blu-rays to see if it was a burning thing

      2. Started a new project in Encore from scratch 

      3. Rebuilt the menu in photoshop from scratch

      4. Checked the source files and reencoded them

      4. Burned more blu-rays after each change


      None of this fixed the issue!


      I'm sure I'm missing something very simple, so thanks in advcance for your patience. Here are a few screenshots, I really hope this helps.


      The chapter that is starting 18 seconds in is called "Highlight".



      We start our blu-ray with a logo animation then go straight into the main menu (pictured above). You'll notice the "Highlight" chapter is in the timeline in this screenshot.



      If you need more information, I'll be watching this thread until I leave the office. Thanks again in advance!