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    Copy animation from character to character?




      I am currently doing an animation in Flash. I havea collection of puppets that are very similar, with the same naming convention for every body part, except for the root, in which I specify the name of the character.



      Character Joe



      Character Helene



      My question is that, if I it is possible to copy the animation from one character to the other.


      Let's say that I have Joe saying something. How could I insert all of the animation in the character Helene, knowing that they have the exact same number of symbols, organized and named the same way?


      As an iportant side note, I have my lipsync symbols into a graphic. So if Joe says hello, I have the mouth set in Single frame, and I change the frame depending on how I want that mouth to move. 


      I may have a tween that moves the mouth, but the first frame might be "frame 35" and the other "frame 56".


      Any ideas of how to do this?  So far I know that I can COPY MOTION , but just with that I cannot copy all of the animation, because of the nested symbols.


      Thank you very much