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    Help on Error 1119

      When I try to access a dynamically created MovieClip button property, i'm getting this error:
      1119: Access of possibly undefined property rond_mc through a reference with static type flash.display:DisplayObject.

      The buttons are installed with CODE A below.
      This code installs Buttons from a UIButton Class (the button contains among other things a "rond_mc" MovieClip which I try to reach with CODE B).

      CODE B shows where the error occurs.
      The function goes this way:
      1. A button is clicked.
      2. The previous selection id is saved under the variable ancienChoix.
      3, The movieClip "rond_mc" alpha has to be set to 0 for this previous button.
      4. After that the new selected button gets the attention.

      Retrieving the name of the previous button is successful.
      But if I try to access the .rond_mc property of this button, i get the error.

      Any idea?