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    Fonts Not Compatible with Windows 8


      We've had some problems with fonts not working in Windows 8. Are all OTF available via Adobe Type campatible? The files we're having problems with have the extension of .PFB. They are visble via c:Windows/Fonts but do not work in our applications.

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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          Windows 8 (as well as Windows Vista and Windows 7) should be fully compatible with all Adobe OTF (OpenType) fonts as well as Type 1 fonts.


          Note that Type 1 fonts require two files per font, the .PFB file with the fonts' outlines and the .PFM file with the fonts' metrics. Such fonts are installed by right-clicking the .PFM file and selecting Install. Note that the .PFB file must be in the same directory as the .PFM file for the installation to work.


          Assuming that you have the fonts already installed, they should work with all classic Windows applications. However the Type 1 fonts are not recognized by Windows WPF applications as well as those explicility written for Windows 8's  new so-called modern application interface. Applications such as Visio have not supported Type 1 fonts in years. We also know that a bug in Windows causes Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 10 to hang if they call for a font that has the same name as a Type 1 font you have installed.


          Perhaps you provide more information about what fonts you have installed with what applications that don't work or are not recognized?


                    - Dov