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    Change the permission That limit viewing


      Hi, my sister have downloaded a book from Archambeault with adobe digital edition id.

      She Made i mistake n'y clicking " to be viewed by only one device."

      Nos she would Like to transfert her ebook on her ebook reader but the ebook reader can not read it.

      Is there a way to change the permission that limit the book to be viewed on only one device ( the computer).? Her ebook reader does not ask her adobe id !


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          sjpt Level 4

          No way to change permissions, I am afraid.

          She could ask the publisher if they will let her redownload another copy: they have no obligation to do that but apparantly some are helpful.


          She could try a drm stripper (search google for epubee). 

          Probably technically against the t&cs under which she bought the book, and may be illegal in some countries (not UK or US).