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    Shooting in 60 fps conforming to 24p in NORMAL speed

    jordanwagnr Level 1

      Hello, I've seen so many topics about this everywhere but I can't get the answer I'm looking for anywhere. Here is my problem, I am going to be filming some action stuff and want it to play as smooth as possible. So I immediately think 60fps is the best way to go. I like the way it looks playing in normal speed and its also great that I have an option of doing slow mo if I want. Based of some testing, If I film it in anything lower than 60p I am not satisfied with it. It's just too jerky. So, 60p is what I want to shoot this with. Now, I want to make the final render at 24p. Why? Well, I like the way it looks and have seen peoples projects that have done the exact same thing as what I want to do. I want the majority of this movie to be played back at normal speed with some slow motion every now and then. I have tried just dropping my 60p footage into a 24p timeline and looks like garbage. It's super jerky, even when I click frame blend nothing happens. There has to be a way for me to film in 60p and get a decent 24p render from it in normal speed. I just don't know the best way to do this. People with the RED and Phantom cameras shoot stuff in high frame rates and they make alot of their final renders in 24p playing at normal speed all the time. So there has to be someway to do this. Please help.