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    Flash 11.6 doesn't play on Firefox 20


      Since updating to Flash 11.6 and Firefox 20 videos wont play (Windows XP Pro). 


      What I have found:

      • No error message or request to install/update shows; just a blank field which I can't interact with via mouse or keyboard.
      • Videos do play on Google Chrome version 26.
      • When I disable the 11.6 the embedded frame briefly shows "The plug-in is disabled" then shows "The adobe flash player is required for video playback".
      • The add-on manager show's the current flash plugin enabled.
      • The Adobe test page doesn't show the version of flash installed or an error message; again just an empty field where either should be. 
      • When checking the Tools >Page Info > Media for the page the embedded .swf line is greyed out. 


      I've tried the recommended suggestions for similar issues listed below without success.

      • reinstalling Flash 10.3
      • reinstalling Flash 11.6
      • running in protected mode on 11.6
      • clearing cookies and cashe in firefox.
      • restoring firefox and restarting in firefox safe mode.


      I'm no IT person but I've given you all the information I can think may be useful but hasn't helped me any.