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    which tablet to use with PS touch? and photoediting

    david k Level 2

      I am traveling to Ireland in the fall and was thinking of getting a tablet that I could use to view my images and maybe do a bit of light-weight editing of my images, savingn some of what I've done to the tablet. I plan on shooting in both RAW and Jpeg, at least that's what I'm thinking of right now.


      (As an aside, I use a PC at home, still running Win XP, though I got a new computer with Win7 so I could upgrade my PS. I've only used an iPod touch, so I'm not famliar with the Apple products, let alone Android!)


      My first question is: should I be looking at a tablet with 32 GB memory or will 16 GB be enough?


      I am trying to figure out which tablet and Android OS will allow me to do what I've mentioned above, which includes:

      • hooking up and having the tablet recognize a card reader with my SD card in it,
      • letting me copy and save files, create folders for my images files on the tablet,
      • and maybe letting me copy and save back to ah USB flash drive.


      Here are a few of the tablets I think have these features. Please let me know if you'd recommend for or against any, or if you know of any others that would do what I want. For all of these accept the Acer A200 and A210, I assume I need a USB to USB micro cord/converter in order to hook up my card reader to the table. My short list:


      • ASUS MeMo Pad w/ 16gb, Android 4.0 and a USB micro port.
      • Acer Iconia A700 with 32 GB memory, Android 4.0, and USB micro port.
      • Acer Iconia A200 or A210, 16 GB each, running Android 4.0. both of these also have USB 2.0 ports (not micro or mini)! 
      • one of the ASIS Goggle Nexus pads with a USB micro port, and I think most are now running Android 4.1. (with this one I have been told that I have to download the Nexus Media Importer app in order for it to allow me to read, copy, recognize files on my SD card/card reader.)
      • ASUS 32GB Transformer TF 300T, with Android 4.0. This one would only work if it's docked to a keyboard, which in turn has a USB port on it.


      Any thoughts on these, or suggestions for others?


      Best, David.

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          My advice would be to go as pure Android as possible, which means you'd consider the Nexus. (If I recall, the Nexus 7 and 10 are both on Jelly Bean 4.2.1 now.) That way, when an OS update comes out, you'll be amongst the first to get it. You would need Nexus Media Importer only if you wanted to transfer from external flash storage like thumb drives, an external card reader, etc. A proper USB OTG cable alone connected to a camera should let you transfer photos right away without anything else.


          Almost any decent tablet connected vis USB should be recognized by a desktop computer for you to transfer to/from that computer.


          ON EDIT: Also, don't forget the many ways you can transfer your photos to or from the tablet, not just USB. You can, for example, connect your tablet to your home network via Wi-Fi and transfer files that way. If you're away from your home network, you can connect to Dropbox (or other similar service) and upload your files remotely, then later when you get home you can download them to your desktop. (Just be aware, as always, if you intend to use a Wi-Fi network other than your own, make sure it's using encryption.)