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    Creep problem - Phaser 7800 Booklet

    Rayven Wolfe Level 1



      We got a new Phaser 7800 with the finisher in school and we're having one nagging issue with it. When we try to do booklet printing, if we leave it up to the driver, it seems to insist on putting a creep which separates contiguous spreads with an obnoxious bit of white space. Here's what we've tried:


      1. Print Booklet from InDesign - On our old HP 4600, this feature worked just as advertised. It printed both sides, snugged the spreads together properly and had the desired page order. The old beast just doesn't have great color quality. On the Phaser, it wantonly omits pages. On an 8 page document, facing pages with the covers on "orphaned" pages top and bottom, it will only print pages 5-8.


      2. Print from InDesign and use Phasers driver for booklet settings - We can coax out a full booklet but it seems to randomly choose portrait or landscape. Usually we end up with a fully printed but micro-booklet that's half the desired page size.


      3. Export to PDF and use Adobe Booklet settings - Here's where the creep "creeps" in. The driver only permits a value as low as 0 (so no negative creeping) and negative creeping in Acrobat didn't work at all. We do get all the pages in order, but we end up with the blank white bar in the center of what should be a contiguous spread.


      4. Export to PDF and use Phaser's driver - Pretty much the same as above but with the occasional random flipping about of pages, missing pages and the creepy creep line.


      We've tried using both the regular and postscript drivers (the latter being necessary to adjust creep manually).


      I know the Phaser is a pretty popular printer so I'm hoping some of you InDesign afficianados use it to do real booket printing without having to do a bunch of page and spread gymnastics.


      We've got CS6 Adobe products and Acrobat Pro X (though on a whim I did try the print from Reader with no success).


      The trees we are wasting printing test booklets thank you in advance for your insight.

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          Rayven Wolfe Level 1

          I suppose I should also ask after reading some on the PDFs in posts here...


          Is there a difference if we try to print from Reader than from Acrobat Pro X?


          I also saw mention of Export versus Print->Choose PDF. Can the difference between these two methods be explained?

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            I have a 7800, and I love it, but I don't have the finisher so I can't really help much with the original question.


            As far as I know there shouldn't be a difference between Reader and Acrobat Pro, but it's pretty easy to find out...


            And as far as printing the PDF, I don't see why exported PDF should behave any differently from printed PDF. Exported PDF supports layers, live transparency, interactivity and color management which you don't get with printed PDF, however.


            Of course, you cannot export PDF using Print Booklet, so unless you choose to impose using some other method, that's moot. Have you asked Xerox support about this? Are you using the postscript driver?

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              Rayven Wolfe Level 1

              I'm not in the room (or in the same city) with the printer at the moment so I can't continue my test prints. But it is a thing I will investigate.


              I do notice that if I use Print Booklet and choose, in the Print Settings, the Adobe PDF as the printer, I do get a pdf that has all the pages in the proper booklet order and, at least on my screen, I see no creep weirdness.


              I have done test prints both with the standard driver and the PS driver for the Phaser. I usually use the PS driver, but I did try the regular one just to rule out any differences. I saw no marked change in the printed results.


              We have not yet contacted Xerox. I figured I'd post here first because I'd be much more likely to find an InDesign user with a Phaser and I've gotten prompt and thoughtful help here in the past.


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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                As I said, I don't have the finisher, but my guess would be that you won't be able to use the booklet maker with an imposed PDF (printed from Print Booklet). In my experience to get folding and stapling you have to let the machine ptu two pages together, and that won't work with a pre-imposed spread.

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                  Rayven Wolfe Level 1

                  Well I did notice there is a way to ask the printer to do a booklet fold but NOT use a booklet layout. I just sent a test file to my instructor who is on site to see if it changes anything in the output.


                  I continue to read horror stories about the Print Booklet feature. How do professions who print these things in the real world set up their pages in InDesign to make it suitable to print then? When I started school a couple years ago, they had us manually reordering pages and all that, but it seems in a real-world application, having to do that with larger documents would be harrowing and terribly disruptive to workflow..

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                    MW Design Level 5

                    Imposition is largely the work of the service bureau / printing establishment. So the PDF is sent in natural reading order. Doesn't help you in this case.