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    How to get Topaz filters working in PSE11 purchased from App store


      I've successfully used a range of Topaz filters in PSE9 and PSE10 (purchased from Apple's App store).


      Having recently purchased PSE11 from the App store, I'm having no luck getting any of the Topaz filters to work. I have followed the instructions on the Topaz website and been in contact with Topaz themselves.


      Topaz have told me that Apple's sandboxing on the App Store version is the problem and that currently there's no solution. The only current solution is to buy again PSE11 from Adobe.


      This seems wrong that there are two versions seemingly on the one program and that one, which previously worked with a version of the software from the App store now doesn't work.


      Am writing this as a warning to those who are perhaps thinking about buying PSE11 and using Topaz filters, but also to find out if anyone has found another workaround other than buying the program yet again?