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    Sharing to Facebook error message

    Eric Kershenblatt

      I created a video that is 3 1/2 minutes long, and well under the size limit set by Facebook.  When I tried to "Share" it, Premiere Elements 11 rendered the file, and almost completed transferring it when I get a message "Error  Unknown Error".   The video contained camcorder video shot on a Sony Handycam in AVCHD, 3 pieces of mp3 audio, and a .mov clip created in After Effects.  WHen I chopped out most of the AVCHD video, the Share was completed.   How can I troubleshoot this?

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          Steve Grisetti Mythic

          Can you Publish & Share/Computer/AVCHD with the YouTube HD preset?

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            Steve Grisetti Mythic

            Then the problem is with the connection to Facebook. Hard to say what's up. Have you gone to the Preferences (under Edit on a PC) and updated the Web Services?


            If that doesn't work, you can always just upload the MP4 you output. It should give you excellent results.

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              Eric Kershenblatt Newcomer

              Are you talking about the preferences in Premiere Elements?


              BTW, I was able to upload the same video to YouTube directly through the

              Share tab.


              Do you think it would help to pre-render the AVCHD video from the Sony

              camcorder before I edit it in PE?  If so, what would you recommend for the



              Thanks for your help!


              Eric Kershenblatt

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                Hi. I have just experienced the very same issue in Premiere Elements 11 with a 2 1/2 minute video containing only a Sony Handycam AVCHD video which I had trimmed down in PE from 20 minutes to 5 minutes and then applied a 200% time shift. To be honest I have loads of issues all the time with the Sharing features to Facebook and Youtube from both this and the Organizer / Photoshop Elements. To get around my photo sharing to Facebook issue in Organizer I always have to temporarily disable my AVG Security software during the sharing process. (AVG was disabled when I had the above problem.) Also, the suggestions to export the video to computer and then upload outside of Adobe software using the native Facebook or Youtube uploaders are starting to wear a bit thin. Why have these features in Sharing (which are actually quite attractive me) if they are just so completely hopeless and you have to resort to workarounds?

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                  Steve Grisetti Mythic

                  That's sort of like me saying that it works for me, why doesn't it work for you, Joyno?


                  If we can't figure out what's up at your end, workarounds are a good temporary solution.

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                    JoynsonSA Newcomer

                    Woa! That's spooky. I can only think of two people who call me Joyno. Where did that come from?


                    Anyway I'm sorry but I do not understand the point you are making in your first sentence.


                    I could accept a temporary solution if it was just that - temporary. But this issue seems to happen to other people and has been doing so for quite some time. There doesn't seem to be any commitment to get it working for everybody. It's like me saying, "oh well, I can't figure out why the doors are jammed shut on your new car, but you could always climb in and out through the windows.".


                    I'm not trying to be awkward but it's just plain frustrating. I had some issues on version 9 and I paid for a full version of 11 hoping it would be sorted out. But it isn't. In fact there are more issues.

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                      Steve Grisetti Mythic

                      My point is that it actually works for most people.


                      So the question isn't How do you fix it? so much as Why does it work for most people but not others? And that's a bit more of a challenge.