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    Reporting tools

      I've found that the Content Dashboard does not always give accurate numbers on views for each presentation.

      When I view the Report for a presentation, I see a larger number than the Content Dashboard displayed.

      What I really need is a way to see total views for every presentation on one screen. Perhaps a .xls, or text data showing:
      Presentation 1 - 1,830 views
      Presentation 2 - 1,112 views
      Presentation 3 - 683 views
      Presentation 4 - 147 views

      I need to report this information to my managers every week and every month. Right now, I have to click on each presentation, click Reports, write down the Views, click back to the folders, click the next presentation, etc. I have about 50 presentations published, and there will be more in the future (perhaps approaching 100). For me to click each promotion one at a time every week is very time consuming.

      So, how can I get an accurate report on the number of views on each presentation I've published? I keep them all in a folder on our connect server.