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    Poor DVD quality, Am I wasting my time?


      I'm losing patience fast!!! I have elements 11 and it seems there alot of forums about dvd quality. I don't see an answer anywhere? what is the deal? Is it the program or do I have to do more than letting adobe figure how to use my media? I have standard definition file uploaded. Made an edit, added music, Dvd menu/chapters, Pictures from my dslr camera and it's about 45 mins long. The video quality is not near what original is, the piture quality is super horrible and I added video to my menu and it's unreal how bad it looks. So I made the video, rendered it which I guess is only for preview? Went to export DVD clicked on the availible options andnnnnnnnd now im very unsatisfied. I really don't understand the problem. I've used free software before and it looks great!!! I bought this version cause of the name and cause I wanted better quality. Please someone give a straight forward easy answer. PLEASE.