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    Laserjet Printing Mark, First Page only, InDesign Only...


      Hiya, got an issue that's bugging me and the ICT Technicians in the school I work in. Whenever I print direct from InDesign (CS6) I get a magenta mark on the first page of the document. Subsequent pages are unaffected, and if I'm printing multiple copies of the first page it's only that very first print that has the mark.


      When I print in any other software, including other Adobe programs, there is no issue so I can't see it being a printer hardware problem? However when printing to a different printer there is no problem, so it isn't solely InDesign. I've tried removing the printer and reinstalling drivers.


      Here is a photo of the mark:




      and comparison with prints from other software (MS Word):




      I have printed in both portrait and landscape in various software and the issue only seems to be in InDesign.


      Choice Info (let me know if any more would help):


      Mac OSX

      Adobe InDesign CS6

      HP Color Laserjet CP2025 connected via USB

      The mark is identical every time


      Any help?