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    Starting After Effects Error <ae.blitpipe> <2> HardwareBlitpipe Disengaged


      I can not even start AE.

      Just suddenly, from yesterday to today, this happens.


      After Effects Alerts

      <140735167926656> <ae.blitpipe> <2> HardwareBlitpipe Disengaged


      MacBookPro 2012

      OS X 10.8.3

      Nvidia Geforce GT 650M


      Adobe Cloud updated.

      No third party plug ins

      No special hardware


      In fact... last night I was working until 11pm.

      This morning... it just pop ups this error every time I try to start it.

      Didn´t install anything between yesterday and today.



      Uninstalled and re-installed AE. No changes at all.

      Also, tried some disk rights check. No changes at all.

      Also looked for updates for Mac. Everything is up to date.


      In fact, don´t know what else I can do.