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    Auto populating Combo Box Array not savable




      I'm new to javascripting and was hoping for some help.  I have coded a combo box array to pre-populate certain fields based on user selection.  However, although all other fields on the form will save, the combo box array selections will not save.  I read a previous discussion in the community stating that this is a code problem with the individual field rather than an overall document problem...I do not know exactly where I'm going wrong with the code, and would appreciate input.  Here is my code for one of my fields:


      Custom key stroke script for field "test type":


      if( event.willCommit )

         if (event.value == "")

           this.resetForm(["Method1", "Method2", "Method3", "Method4", "Method5", "Method6"]);


          SetFieldValues(event.value), SetFieldValues4(event.value),SetFieldValues5(event.value);}


      One of the Document Javascript:


      TestTypeValues = ["", "CLAIMS - House Hold Care", "MCO-1 Method Suitability - Health & Well-Being", "MCO-1 Method Suitability - Beauty Care", "MCO-1 Method Suitability - House Hold Care", "MCO-1 Method Suitability - Baby Family Feminine Care"];


      var MethodData = {

      "CLAIMS - House Hold Care": ["Select a House Hold Care CLAIMS Method", "Germicidal Spray Test", "Germicidal wipes", "(NFCS) Non-food contact sanitizer test", "(UDM) Use Dilution Method", "Laundry Sanitizer", "(ZOI) Zone of Inhibition"],


      "MCO-1 Method Suitability - Health & Well-Being": ["Select a Conventional PHWB MCT Method", "64018288 HCX-N03: MCT for Dentifrice", "64018291 HCX-N06: Harmonized USP/EP/JP MCT", "64018294 HCX-N09: MCT for Rinses", "95441688 HCX-N14: MCT for Bifidobacterium products"],


      "MCO-1 Method Suitability - Beauty Care": ["Select a Conventional Beauty Care MCT Method", "60059967: TPC with MLBTL (1:10)", "60059967: TPC with MLBTL (1:100)", "64022359: TPC with MLBTL (1:100)", "64022360: TPC with MLBT (1:10)", "64022360: TPC with MLBT (1:100)", "64022361: TPC with MLBT and Arlacel 80/Tween 20 (1:10)", "64022361: TPC with MLBT and Arlacel 80/Tween 20 (1:100)", "64022362: TPC for Implements", "64022365: TPC for Wipes (1:10)", "64022365: TPC for Wipes (1:100)"],


      "MCO-1 Method Suitability - House Hold Care": ["Select a Conventional HHC MCT Method", "60072238: MCT 1:10 Dilution", "60072240: MCT 1:100 Dilution", "98799255 TPC for Enzymes, Thickeners, and Naturals", "60098626: TPC for Paper Based Wipes"],


      "MCO-1 Method Suitability - Baby Family Feminine Care": ["Select a BFFC MCT Method", "95022037: Wet Wipes", "95169606: Membrane Filtration for Wet Wipes", "95027534: Disposable Paper Products", "95399842: Raw Materials", "95365486: 3 Day Yeast/Mold Test", "96151257: Growth Direct System for Wet Wipes"]



      function SetFieldValues(cMethod1)