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      I have CS6 and when i open the application it takes 10 mins to then open a message saying "Could not load the MMXCore Routine Module because it does not work with this version of photoshop.   After I close this message it continues on

      to open CS6 anyway.  However I want CS6 to open immediately in about 2 mins.  Initially I had no problems opening CS6 for a long time.  All of a sudden I am having all sorts of problems here.    Does anyone know what this message means.

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          The original answer was very much incorrect.


          The plugins that ship with Photoshop CS6 are in the required folder - you can't disable them without damaging your application.  The plugins folder is there for third party plugins only.


          The MMXCore error means that you were attempting to load plugins from an older version of Photoshop - either by mistakenly copying them into the plugins folder, or by mistakenly pointing the additional plugins folder preference to an older version of Photoshop.


          Which filters are missing?  Are you talking about the Filter Gallery filters?  There is a preference to show all the items, or you can keep the cleaner menus and access all of them through the Filter Gallery entry.