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    Can exif data be changed in photoshop

    RenateRolefes Level 1

      I am engaged in a nasty lawsuit and now I have a question. So I hope you can help me further.I have a question about adobe Photoshop CS2.


      I have added in the annex 2 pictures of properties of a photo. The photo is on 1-10-2010. All the exif data from the camera stand in it too (see CANON EOS 350 d still camera data). Now my question, if you the picture edited in Adobe Photoshop CS2 can then also the date of recording of the photo? I.e. this date change? Continue then the exif data exist, or disappear than the camera data if one adjusts this date in Adobe Photoshop and you only see the "updated" date taken. I have always understood, that if one changes, the date of recording the exif camera data disappear from the picture. In this case, the exposure time, the camaramodel etc.. I understand that you have a create date (exif) original (recorded)


      to illustrate the RAW data of the photo:


      and a create date and modify date (date of operation) in photoshop.


      To illustrate the RAW data from the same photo:


      <xmp:CreatorTool>Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows</xmp:CreatorTool>


      In this case are the exif data for the original date of recording of the camera and are the xmp data for the dates of editing in Photoshop?


      Can anyone confirm this, or is it different story. In advance, thank you very much for the effort, I would very much benefit from