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    Semi-transparent text backgrounds with rounded corners. (Old Q, but with a twist.)


      Hi all,


      I'm just starting to dip my feet into Dw as part of an IT program. The only thing I know is a base level of HTML. We have not yet been taught how to write CSS manually, though that is coming up very soon. Why they didn't teach us that first is beyond me, but at this point we are being told not to touch the code in Dw, only do to do everything in Design Mode. That's the twist. My guess is that they want us to be able to reference our work later and see what the code is that made our website as we designed it.


      Now, what I am trying to do as an assignment is create a simple website, and in the main content div I want to do a semi-transparent text box with rounded corners that may take up 90% or the width in the content div. Is it possible to do this in design mode? I only see this explained in code.


      Thanks for any help given. I know this is probably one of the stupider questions out there, but I'm in this to learn.