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    How to allow multiple custom components access to a tree lists selected item


      Having a bit of a brain freeze. The problem I have is getting a tree lists current selected item passed to a new pop-up title window custom component (the tree list is also in its own custom component).

      Here is how things are set-up:

      A tree list is populated from an XML file (Generated by a database).
      When a user selects an item in the tree a dataGrid is propagated with the appropriate data (this is currently done by binding directly to the selected item in the tree list, I know bad programming but I just need to test it).

      So far so good, my problem is you can select an item in the dataGrid and click an edit or add a new item button.
      Both these actions create a new custom component pop-up titled window, my problem is this new custom component pop-up titled window needs to know what the current selected item is in the tree (the tree is in another custom component).

      In fact many components need to access the selected item in the tree list.

      I'm sure there is a simple solution but any help would be much appreciated.

      Thank you.