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    Change Pixel Aspect Ratio Once Already Started?

    jakebrowerjake6 Level 1

      I've been having trouble with my video looking extremely blurry -- I thought it had to do with rendering but it looks the same rendered as it did before rendering. I think I figured out that it has to do with the pixel aspect ratio being too small (or is it frame size, or are those the same thing? It's all very confusing for me!). The final output for this video is YouTube, but it also looks blurry within Premiere (mainly when stretching the Program Monitor so I can see it larger).


      I helped on a video a few months ago that looked perfect, everything was really crisp in Premiere (after rendering, that is) and when exported to YT. The pixel aspect ratio was 1920x1080 for this video, and the one I'm working on now is 720x480.


      So, can I enhance the pixel aspect ratio of the video I'm working on now? If I'm not able to change the pixel aspect ratio once I've started the project, what would be your advice going forward?


      Thanks, and please let me know if you need any more information!