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    RoboHelp 9 Will Not Compile Web Help


      Windows 7 Professional 640-bit

      Microsoft Office 2010



      I have several projects for which I compile Web help.


      Compiling the projects has been no problem in the past.


      I have made no known changes to the computer or user rights.


      Now, RH stops responding when the compile starts. The stop is very early in the process.


      I can compile CHM files.


      In Output View, I see the following message:


      Initializing complier

      Generating Webhelp 5.50 (…

      Error: Can not register active script for language javascript

      Template Error: can not resolve macro: RegisterResolvers

      Fata Error: Cannot run macro: Register Resolvers in compilation.




      While searching for an answer, I tried the following without success:


      Note: I am an administrator on the computer. I have always been an admin on the computer.


      I have not uninstalled/reinstalled RH so there should be no issues with administrator privileges.


      I ran the RH executable as an administrator using a variety of methods like right-click RoboHTML.exe and click Run as Administrator.



      Project is on local drive.

      Created a new project.

      Compiled the sample projects contained in RH.

      Created a new SSL.

      Create a new target folder for the output.

      Copy the LNG file from the "!Language\<current-project-language>" folder to the project folder.

      From the project settings dialog, change the project language to a different language, and then change it back to the current language.

      Deleted CPD file.

      Deleted !Language! folder.

      Word macro security is Enable all macros.


      Can anyone help me find something I have not tried.