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    Edge Commons - Parralax

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      Hi Guys and Girls

      I've been looking at the Edge Commons Parralax stuff (http://labs.edgedocks.com/#/#article_edgecommons )

      Its very cool, but I don't really understand what the EdgeCommons.js is doing!


      I'd like to do the kind of animation that the demo shows which seems a fairly straight forward timeline animation but on a large stage, so that as the user swipes up and down the animation progresses left to right.

      what if I want the user to swipe left and right and my animation to go up and down (though I appreciate I just do that on the timeline)


      Is the edgeCommons.js allowing the user to swipe to control the animation? in the adobe example there only seems to be the load edgeCommons.js in the compostionReady field, is that all thats required?


      And then finally I tested out the demo my adding it to a DPS page and testing it on an iPad but the stage is huge at 1920x3200... Is there a tutorail to go with this? excuse me if I'm being dim or blind or both!!




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          Just found this great YouTube video from Paul Trani;


          looks like a good solution for Parralax animation control. So has Edge Commons made this approach redundant?



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            I get the feeling I'm talking to myself :-(

            Anyway Paul's whilst Pauls video is great it uses onmousemove, so no good for iPad. I tried the touch move instead, but when testing on the ipad the animation just disappears when it's touched.

            Is this why I need to persevere with EdgeCommons??


            Any thoughts?? it's feels very quiet in the forum at the moment, or is it just me :-)

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              I'm running into the same problem.

              I've rebuild a simple version like this on a 1024x1536 px page in Edge.

              In the desktopversion it works in Safari. By uploading it in a folio for an iPad (1024x768), I only see the upper part and can't scroll.

              By placing the html page first in an Indesign page and then upload it in a folio. It works, but runs very bumpy.