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    Problem with fonts in merged projects

      I hope you'll be patient with me. I haven't used RoboHelp in a few years and need a bit of a refresher. The documentation I have seems to be out of date, even though I'm using RoboHelp 5.

      Anyway, I've created three projects and have merged the two smaller projects into the larger main project. After I created the merges, I realized that the font style needed to be changed. I changed the font style for each of the individual projects and regenerated both the individual sub-projects and the main project.

      Whilst the individual projects all reflect the font style changes, when I view the main projects with the merged projects, the content from the two merged projects do not reflect the font style modifications. I've tried deleting and recreating the merges and regenerating the individual projects but nothing seems to work.

      The documentation I've been provided with seems to be from RoboHelp 4 and a great deal of it doesn't match the product I'm working with. Any assistance you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.