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    WebHelp Properties > Settings Window > Content Categories inconsistency

    TimLMun Level 1

      We are using RoboHelp 9 on a Windows 7 platform.


      We are seeing what appears to be inconsistent behavior from RoboHelp when setting up a RoboHelp project.


      These are the steps we follow:


      1. Open RoboHelp.
      2. Click Blank Project.
        • Enter title of project.
        • Enter location of project.
      3. Click Finish.
      4. Delete the "Frist Topic" file.
      5. Select File > Project Settings.
        • On Project Settings, on the Import tab, in FrameMaker Document area, click Edit.
        • On Conversion Settings, click Image.
        • In Preferred Dimensions, select Width and Height.
        • Click Other Settings.
        • Select Topic Name Maker, and type in our custom marker name.
      6. Click OK twice.
      7. Right-click WebHelp (Primary Layout).
      8. Select Properties.
        • In the WebHelp Settings window:
        • Click General, point to the output folder.
        • Click Content Categories -- and this is where RoboHelp appears to be inconsistent.



      Sometimes the Content Categories node has a child node called Content <Default>, and sometimes that child node is not there.


      As far as we know, we are following the exact same steps either way.


      I am hoping someone who knows RoboHelp can tell us a simple fix to see the Content <Default> child node every single time.


      Thank you in advance!