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    Flash is not working with FF at all.


      Hi there,


      since Yesterday I have a problem with the Flash Player (FP).

      When I load a page with flash content (i.e. YouTube) I see a black window in the size of the video

      and after about 0.5 to 1 second it turns white.

      I also tried WaterFox the 64-bit project of FF. It's based on FF 18.0.1 and it works with every FP version I tried.


      This is what i tried so far:


      I run Win7 x64 an tried with FP 10.3, 11.3, 11.6 and the new 11.7.

      Also tried Firefox 19.0.2, 20 and the 21 beta all addons dis- or enabled (exept FP of course).

      Real Player is not installed (tried the fix anyway).

      Tried reinstalling FP like the "how to" describes.

      I also deleted everything that relates to FP in the Registry (exept the extensionrelations (like .swf, .flv etc.)).

      The tip with CCleaner also didn't work.


      Reinstalled FF several times with deleting all data that I found.


      Has anyone any suggestions that do not include reinstalling Win7?


      Greetings and thanks in advance.