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    Help please for audio problems in adobe premier cs6!


      As the title says, I have audio problems in adobe premier cs6. I will describe the problem:

      When I import my video (Recorded using dxtory, including 2 soundtracks) it only plays one in premier. I found out that that must be a problem with the .avi files. What I did then is using AviMux in order to mux the files. It then works importing the avi file with both soundtracks. The problem is though, that when I import my muxed .avi file it only imports about 1-2% of the video, so for example only 1 minute of a 15minute video. If I open the video with windows media player it shows all 15min.


      I really wanna spöve this problem, because only beeing able to import one sound track, really decreses my experience with adobe premier.


      -Thanks for all help